Dust Covered EP

Sunday, 15 August 2010

New Stuff


I have had a track released on a compilation for the Gravityhalo site. You can download it for free here - http://www.gravityhalo.com/2010/08/va-broken-pieces.html all the tracks on the album are fantastic so its really worth a download.

I also have a new EP out in the next few days which is a split with the Japanese Acid/IDM master, Kalavnik. The EP is called 'Supercard and SACHI' and is comprised of original tracks and remixed of each others works. I am really excited and I think that this will be really well recieved. I am in love with the Kalavnik tracks and they are all I have listened to solidly for the last few days.

You can hear a preview here - http://soundcloud.com/acidburp/acidburp-kalavnik-preview and the full thing will be released on www.themrecords.com - so look out for that.

Friday, 6 August 2010

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